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Suit You, Sir   Leave a comment

Ah, you’ve got to admit. There’s something about a man in a suit that’s incredibly sexy. The classic style of them, the way they instantly add a kind of James Bond-suaveness to anyone who wears them. So here’s a selection of British totty for you to feast your eyes on, ladies (and gents!)

Jude Law looking quite the dandy



The lovely Ioan Gruffudd


The adorable Matthew Rhys. Ok, I might have a thing for Welshmen

From the top: Jude Law, Clive Owen, Ioan Gruffudd, Matthew Rhys, Richard Armitage and James D’arcy.



Daniel Craig Shirtless!   2 comments


Well, since the post of David Beckham in his underwear went down so well with the readers of this blog, I thought you might equally enjoy a photo of Daniel Craig in his speedos.

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