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‘The Pursuit of Love’- Nancy Mitford   Leave a comment

Published in 1945, ‘The Pursuit of Love’ is a novel by Nancy Mitford (yes, one of those Mitfords.)┬áSet among the upper classes of English society during the 30’s and 40’s, it is told through the eyes of the narrator, Fanny Logan, a sensible sort whose sharp observations of the eccentric characters who inhabit her world are brutally funny for their insight and wit.

At the heart of the story, though, is Fanny’s much more glamorous cousin, Linda Radlett. Linda is a hopeless romantic. Raised as many daughters of the nobility were to consider making a good marriage as being the only career available to her,┬áher ideas about love are completely misguided.

And so she embarks on a career as a bit of a ‘bolter’- going from one unsuitable marriage to the next until she meets Fabrice, and her life changes forever.

This book is hedonistic, charming, light as souffle to read and the best way I know of whiling away a few hours. There’s so many terrific characters, from the famously raging Uncle Matthew to the hypochondriac Davy and of course, the sparkling, spell-binding Linda herself.

This is right up there with ‘Brideshead’ as one of those English-aristocracy-between-the-wars kind of novels, but is not nearly so arduous to get through.

If you haven’t read ‘The Pursuit of Love’ yet, you will have a ball when you do. If you have read it, then do admit, Fanny, it’s rather like coming home to old friends, don’t you agree?

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